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    By Tony Kushner. Based in Part on. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. By Doris Kearns Goodwin. Final Shooting Script. Lincoln () Movie Script. Read the Lincoln full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts. Title: Lincoln (Download a PDF version of the script here). Year: Writing Credits: Tony Kushner (screenplay), Doris Kearns Goodwin.

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    Lincoln Script Pdf

    The “Lincoln” script was written by Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Kushner, based in part on Doris Kearns Goodwin's “Team of Rivals”. Kushner, Steven Spielberg. Lincoln (PDF script) December 20, Final Shooting Script Written by Tony Kushner. The Internet Movie Script Database Lincoln Script at IMSDb.

    State of the Union Address: Abraham Lincoln December 1, Abraham Lincoln December 1, Fellow-Citizens of the Senate and House of Representatives: Since your last annual assembling another year of health and bountiful harvests has passed, and while it has not pleased the Almighty to bless us with a return of peace, we can but press on, guided by the best light He gives us, trusting that in His own good time and wise way all will yet be well. The correspondence touching foreign affairs which has taken place during the last year is herewith submitted, in virtual compliance with a request to that effect made by the House of Representatives near the close of the last session of Congress. If the condition of our relations with other nations is less gratifying than it has usually been at former periods, it is certainly more satisfactory than a nation so unhappily distracted as we are might reasonably have apprehended. In the month of June last there were some grounds to expect that the maritime powers which at the beginning of our domestic difficulties so unwisely and unnecessarily, as we think, recognized the insurgents as a belligerent would soon recede from that position, which has proved only less injurious to themselves than to our own country. But the temporary reverses which afterwards befell the national arms, and which were exaggerated by our own disloyal citizens abroad, have hitherto delayed that act of simple justice. The civil war, which has so radically changed for the moment the occupations and habits of the American people, has necessarily disturbed the social condition and affected very deeply the prosperity of the nations with which we have carried on a commerce that has been steadily increasing throughout a period of half a century.

    30 Days of Screenplays, Day 29: “Lincoln”

    It opened at the 15 rank, becoming the highest opening of a film with such a limited release. The cast was notably lauded, especially Day-Lewis, Field, and Jones. The team of Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis and Tony Kushner has brought forth a triumphant piece of historical journalism, a profound work of popular art and a rich examination of one of our darkest epochs.

    Scott from The New York Times stated the film "is finally a movie about how difficult and costly it has been for the United States to recognize the full and equal humanity of black people" and concluded that the movie was "a rough and noble democratic masterpiece". This is, in other words, less a biopic than a political thriller, a civics lesson that is energetically staged and alive with moral energy.

    Raghavendra says in Cinematic Illusions, "When a statesman is as well-regarded as a Lincoln or a Gandhi , it is impossible to be 'truthful' because a biopic, not being a documentary but an enactment, will be seen as being deliberately scurrilous unless its views agree with the dominant one. Where, in a biopic of a less venerated or more distant historical figure like a TE Lawrence or a Queen Elizabeth I , the director is allowed to become intimate with the subject, this is taboo when dealing with a Gandhi or a Lincoln.

    We identify with people who might have been as we are but a Gandhi and a Lincoln, at least by consensus, are too gigantic.

    It is an impiety for an actor to present us with Gandhi or Lincoln's 'true' thoughts and feelings. A way to get out of this bind is by showing us Gandhi before he became 'Gandhiji', Lincoln before he emerged as the epitome of greatness.

    It's Mama you're scared of, it's not me getting killed.

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    I have to do this! And I will! Or I will feel ashamed of myself for the rest of my life!

    Whether or not you fought is what's gonna matter, and not just to other people, but to myself! I won't be you, Pa, I can't do that, but I don't want to be nothing! I can't lose you.

    Lincoln () | Script Slug

    City Point's a way back from the front lines He'll be an adjutant, running messages for General Grant. The war will take our son.

    A sniper, or a shrapnel shell, a typhus same as took Willie. It takes hundreds of boys a day. He'll die uselessly.

    Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War Docent Script

    And how will I ever forgive you? Most men, their firstborn is their favorite.

    You've always blamed Robert For trapping you in a marriage that's only ever given you grief - and caused you regret.

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