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    मराठी ही समृद्ध भाषा आहे.मराठीत अनेक म्हणी प्रचलित असून ते बोधक आहेत. या ई-बुक द्वारे आपण 5०० म्हणी व त्याचे अर्थ. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Every language has specific phrases often carved out of the culture. Phrases uses common references and examples related to the groups of people speaking .

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    Marathi Mhani Pdf

    Visit: View Book Details. Marathi Mhani - Every language has specific phrases often carved out of the culture. Phrases uses common references and examples related. Read from collection of English Books, English magazines, Marathi Books, Marathi Asabhya Mhani Ani Vakprachar (असभ्य म्हणी आणि वाक्प्रचार).

    These Japanese conditions help us to understand everyday life of the Japanese people as well as their culture. Proverbs occupy a prominent place in culture of that country. Japanese proverbs show Japanese way of thinking and culture. In India too, proverbs in each regional language, represents Indian culture in entirety. My mother tongue is Marathi. I wonder if there would be any relationship in these languages. I would like to study about it. Purpose of the Research Among the proverbs, those which are related to animals are similar to the human behaviour. These proverbs have come to give lessons and advice on experiences and wisdom of life since the ancient times. Research method In this paper, I present general Japanese and Marathi proverbs about the animals. Next, I classify the material collected on proverbs as mentioned below. Further by contrasting the proverbs of two languages, by analyzing their similarities and differences, I would like to examine the relationship between Japanese and Marathi proverbs. Summarize Japanese and Marathi proverbs regarding each animal with the help of related dictionaries, internet and research papers.

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    Instead, he had to take admission in an engineering stream. Whatever be the thing, if a person can get it in hands, cannot help but has to remain satisfied with it. Example: By disregarding public opinion, Parliament approved tax increase. Even if tried to get down from the back will be eaten and killed by the tiger. It is said that you cannot catch a tiger cub without entering the den where the tiger lives. Example: Getting in to business is a very difficult task. It says, while preventing a tiger at the front gate, wolf advances from the 19 back gate.

    Caught between a tiger and a wolf, it is certain that even a brave person will turn white. Usually it is said in regard to undesirable things. Situation would worsen for the people who are under such control as bad conditions overlap. Example: Even now section chief is terrible. It means would become more terrible on becoming head of the department. It means to face a tiger with bare hands and cross the big river on foot. Do not act with those people who behave recklessly and never regret it even if they die.

    In an attempt to draw a good tiger, one ends up drawing a picture which looks like a dog.

    Rabbits are good in running uphill due to their short forefeet and long hind legs. Hound dogs which are used to hunt rabbits are boiled in pan and eaten when they no longer can get rabbits. Example: In the beginning Indian army crossed the border with Pakistan gently, but later made an accurate local attack on the terrorist camp.

    It is an example of a person who pursues only immediate profit and cannot even make out a reason by giving a blind eye to the other things. Example: Being head of a family, it is no good to think just about your work. Example: I almost completed research paper; afterwards it was only editing work left to be done. Example: Every time the government tries to bring about a new policy, opposition parties always criticize it.

    Sickness expands suddenly but takes lot of time to heal. Example: Corruption is a disease that begins suddenly and does not get healed quickly. Gadhvala Gulachi Chav Kaay?

    No matter how much superior a person is; when in trouble even if he follows a foolish person, he only tries to overcome that time.

    Example: It was difficult for me to walk and carry heavy luggage up to the house. B Proverbs with similar meanings in Japanese and Marathi J There is one more proverb with a similar meaning. If you have to relax yourself, it is better to rely on a big tree. It means if you have to rely on somebody you should rely on the affluent people. Mice took a decision to bell a cat, in order to know its whereabouts. Manjarachya Galyat Ghanta Bandhnar Kon?

    Who will bell the cat? Example: Everyone would like it to go on a trip. But who will bell a cat? It is difficult to take permission of the parents because exam is nearing. I t is based on the legend about an old atheist woman, who followed a running cow when corner of her cloth was caught by that cow and reached Zenkoji temple.

    That trigger made her enter in to the path of faith. I am getting interested in Japanese movies now. Where you are taking me to? Further, however much refined a story, but when one listens to it cannot possibly understand it at all. Example: While teacher was explaining about German grammar in the class, students were not listening to it, either because they were feeling sleepy or were hungry and were eating from the lunch box by ignoring it.

    It would have been better to send them out to play and 27 stop the class. It is a Buddhist tale which likens disturbed heart to a running horse and a monkey causing uproar. There is a great noise when fools gather together as they are only capable of a quarrel. Even though it is a rumour with no roots in reality, it is believed to be true finally if it is said by many people.

    It would be just a waste. No matter how much important work you have done, if you have no idea about it, that work is meaningless for you. Dog Several Japanese proverbs believe that dog is a reliable animal. It tells about a dog of a wealthy family living good and secured life and believes that it is better to rely on a powerful person. Unlike Japanese, in Marathi proverbs, dog is not considered as a reliable animal.

    Dog is always criticized in Marathi proverbs due to this bad aspect. Cat Cat is considered as smart and clever animal in Japanese proverbs. However, both these proverbs have a special implication. Cat is intelligent but on the other side it shows its negative features.

    This negative characteristic feature of a cat is well seen in Marathi proverbs. That true characteristic feature of a cat is expressed in proverbs of both languages. By concealing the nails, by making sweet cries cat shows its various aspects. M37 this proverb is there which is s in the same format and has same meaning as well. It tells us about extraordinary intelligence of this animal. Here, the cow who guides the person to proceed on that path comes to help.

    Regarding Marathi proverbs, these do not see buffalo much positively but consider cow as a sacred animal.

    मराठी म्हणी Marathi Mhani

    As there is possibility of getting disappointed even if one relies on it. Respect for this cow is limitless. Horse Horse is elegant and fast moving animal. If a person is going to shoot his enemy, he must shoot his horse first. If a horse is beaten hard by a whip, horse runs even faster. Marathi proverbs also consider horse as a swift and speedy animal. Human behaviour can be seen in horse related Marathi proverbs.

    Tiger In Japan tiger is a rare animal. However, there are many proverbs in Japanese related to tiger. Japanese people praise tiger for its majesty and power although they also know that this animal is a king of the beasts, who eats and kills people and as animal with violent spirit. Elephant In Marathi though proverbs related to tiger are quite few; we get many proverbs regarding elephant instead. In Indian society, elephant is considered as dignified and an animal with overwhelming influence.

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    Even a gigantic body of an elephant has a special significance. These proverbs convey that significance by emphasizing magnitude of work and instant spread of the disease. Donkey Donkey is a common animal in India. So there are lot of proverbs on donkey. These proverbs treat donkey as a stupid and foolish animal.

    In this way, donkey is shown as a stupid and noisy being. Monkey Like donkey, monkey is also painted as a foolish animal. From such a foolish act, nothing can be imagined other than ruining the surroundings. Japanese proverbs about monkeys are also used to describe human foolishness.

    Here monkeys are not considered as foolish animals like Indian monkeys, but are represented as experts in tree climbing. Rabbit can get success quickly and it can also flee from an enemy in no time. Camel As for the two Marathi proverbs regarding camel, since it is an animal with long legs when a person rides on it makes distance from the ground.

    As such it is not practical either to work or give advice from there. And also it is often a useless advice. Therefore, these two proverbs are used for those whose actions are unrealistic as their feet are not on the ground. In Indian deserts camel is an important animal which is used as a means of transport but it is rarely found in Maharashtra. However, though not in too many proverbs, camel is used in Marathi proverbs also.

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    Fox Japanese proverbs about fox, describes cunning personality of a person and also represents deceptive behaviour of a person. Reasons are as follows. But are not used at an independent sentence level. So, these expressions are obviously classified as idioms rather than proverbs, but are always included in general proverb dictionary.

    There are many such expressions which are difficult to understand as to whether they are idioms or proverbs. In this research paper, these expressions are at phrasal level and thus lack independence. But since these are used commonly and are found mentioned in general proverb dictionaries; I have put them here without any distinction. It is better to live with self-esteem. J54 3.

    At a time people need little push to reform their behaviour. It is of no use just to hurry up with the things.

    J22 6.

    It is important to follow judgement of the experienced people. It is important to keep one always prepared, in order not to lose the right M14 opportunity. M21 8. It is important to keep a promise. Unless one is sociable, it is difficult to get acquainted with the person J24 deeply.

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