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    Unbreakable by Jenni Rivera - A New York Times bestseller, this is the official biography from the beloved Mexican-American singer who lost her life in a tragic. . Unbreakable: My Story, My Way [Jenni Rivera, Marissa Matteo] on Unbreakable: My Story, My Way and millions of other books are available for. Start by marking “Unbreakable: My Story, My Way” as Want to Read: A New York Times bestseller, this is the official biography from the beloved Mexican-American singer who lost her life in a tragic plane crash. RIP Jenni Rivera!!!!!!!.

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    Jenni Rivera Book

    Jenni Rivera Autobiography Book a New York Times best- selling autobiography written by Mexican-American singer-songwriter Jenni Rivera. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. And I wanted to maintain my persona as Jenni, the Rivera rebel who had. The only autobiography authorized by Jenni Rivera. "I can't get caught up in the negative because that destroys you. Perhaps trying to move away from my.

    Perhaps trying to move away from my problems and focus on the positive is the best I can do. I am a woman like any other, and ugly things happen to me like any other woman. The number of times I have fallen down is the number of times I have gotten up. However, they are not the final words that La Diva de la Banda had for the world. She became the most acclaimed Spanish-language singer in the United States and sold more than 15 million records worldwide. A single mother of five and grandmother of two, she was also an actress, a television producer, the star of her own reality show, and an entrepreneur. As her fame grew, she made it her mission to speak about her struggles, forging an intimate connection with her fans. She became a figure of strength and a source of encouragement to women of all ages.

    I picked up my things and walked out of the club with Rosie and Gladyz. I was in a bit of a rush because they were both still in high school, and this was a school night. I was never one to have many friends, especially since Juan scared many of them away with his temper and his rude behavior. Now that he was incarcerated, I was a loner. Hanging out with the girls was fun and helped keep me busy until his release. It was only Once I made sure Rosie was in the house, I turned up the music and began the drive back home.

    I was living in beautiful, gangsteriffic Compton. Being a Realtor, I had bought a house there as an investment and decided to live in it for a while. As I exited right onto Central Avenue, I noticed the car behind me flashing its high beams. It got closer and closer as I slowed down to see if I knew who it was.

    The driver flashed his high beams again. What the fuck? Was I driving too slow? Did I forget to turn on my signal? Suddenly, the car sped up alongside my green Ford Explorer, purposely trying to sideswipe me. I sped up, hoping that they were just messing around with me. They would drive behind me, then speed up and try to run me off the road and into the parked cars on Central Avenue.

    What the hell am I going to do? I was living alone with my three young children.

    Our house had been broken into just two months earlier, and everything had been stolen. All of this was running through my mind as I kept driving around the block, hoping these guys would magically disappear. My whole body was shaking. Finally, I stopped close to my house, though not in front of it. How foolish. Their car stopped behind me and I could see that the men were ready to step out.

    I decided that I would make a run for it. I would run as fast as I could, the way my brothers had taught me to when we played baseball as kids.

    I opened my car door and started sprinting in my high heels, screaming at the top of my lungs. I did not look back. I could hear the sound of their boots running after me.

    I ran, I screamed louder. I cried. I prayed that someone would hear me. If they did, nobody came to my rescue. The boot steps were gaining on me. My high heels were slowing me down. Suddenly I felt two pairs of strong arms grab me. I had been caught. I tried to fight back. I kicked and screamed. I was the gangsta bitch from Long Beach. The Rivera rebel who never lost a fight.

    But I was outnumbered. One man had stayed in the car. One covered my mouth with his huge hand. One dragged me by the hair and pulled at my arms until I was thrown in the backseat of the car. The prominent chin. The man from the club. He raped me in the backseat of the vehicle. Over and over he repeated the words I had said to him at the club: Leave me the fuck alone.

    As the tears streamed down my face, I decided not to fight back anymore. All I could think about was my kids. I was so afraid that I was going to be killed and they would be left without a mother. I could feel the strength seeping out of my body and mind. But the damage was done. I sat on the curb, numb. I was just relieved to be alive. I vowed that I would never tell anyone of my shame.

    They say that when you keep a secret, it eats you up inside, but I felt that it was better that way. I wanted to appear strong in front of my children and my family. And I wanted to maintain my persona as Jenni, the Rivera rebel who had never lost a fight. But deep down inside I knew I had lost a piece of myself that I would never recover.

    I really enjoy reading my book. It is shocking to find out how strong this woman was by not giving up on life after being raped. I think that if I was in her place I wouldn't be able to stay as strong as she did. I Chose to read this book because Jenni Rivera is one of my most favorite artist and I wanted to read more about her life. So far this book does meet my expectation and I would recommend Jenni Rivera's fans to read it.

    You will find out so much and find out thing your would be really shocked about. I'm going to continue reading this book.

    Jenni Vive: Unforgettable Baby! (Bilingual Edition)

    View 1 comment. Una historia conmovedora de principio a fin. Fue u Una historia conmovedora de principio a fin. Fue una madre abnegada, entregada y apasionada por sus hijos. Exhorto a las mujeres que lo lean y se empoderen con su mensaje. Desde hoy, agrego a Jenni Rivera a la lista de personajes que han impactado y dejado un legado imborrable y de ejemplo a seguir en mi vida. Es imprescindible leer tu historia. Mar 05, Vibiana Cruz rated it it was amazing.

    A beautiful but heart breaking story is told by Jenni Rivera. She explains her life struggles from when she was a little girl to right before she died. Her life was never easy but she always had her head up and her children were here everything. The main character is Jenni Rivera due to her telling her story.

    Jenni was a Mexican- American singer and actor. Her childhood was not easy because her parents were never home to take care of her. It was always her taking care of her brothers and one sister. As she grew older her marriages failed every time and was always a single mother of five kids.

    The setting of this story takes place in Long Beach, California from the years Throughout the story Jenni Rivera also talks about her adventures in Mexico as she was starting her singing career. When she was younger she managed to get from place to place on a bike with her first daughter and later on showed people she could do it and afford to download herself a vehicle. The theme of this autobiography is being unbreakable like the title.

    She showed the world that a woman can be someone in life even if everything else has failed. Jenni Rivera never gave up because her children always kept her on her feet. I recommend this book to anyone high school and older because maturity is needed with some of the content.

    Her life story will be unforgettable. Oct 13, Lizzete rated it really liked it. My Story. My way. Jenni Rivera was brought to us on the lovely day of July 2, On December 9, tragedy struck many of our hearts when she boarded a plane that crashed down.

    Jenni Rivera was an ordinary women. A daughter, sister, mother of five and a grandmother of two. A married women that struggled with economi "Unbreakable. A married women that struggled with economic issues at point in her life. On top of it she managed to overcome it all.

    In the pages you hold Jenni Rivera explains how her fame grew larger and expanded all over the country. She sold more than 15 million records worldwide. Her fame helped her economicly in a huge way. Through it all she always found time to keep her fans happy along with her children.

    Although sometimes she found her self stuck in her personal problems. In her book she talks about sexual and child abuse, being a single mother, sex tapes, divorce, and making her way into a music industry that was thought to be for males only.

    As she became known she decided that she would speak about her struggles in life to help others going through the same. Over all the book is a great story writtin by her about her life.

    She will always be remeberd as the Long Beach beauty who lived her life with the highs and the lows. Her humor and way of fighting back to defend herself will forever be rememberd.

    Jul 30, Crystal rated it really liked it. This was a quick read, I wouldn't recommend it. I mean this is for someone who didn't know Jenni and wanted to know about her. Everything in this book is pretty much what she let be known on TV, Interviews and her show I love Jenni. Her family claims they didn't change it but seriously the last chapter was the only thing they didn't let go into detail and we all wanted to know about her fight with Chiquis and her divorce from Esteban.

    I gave it 4 stars because it was a good read but seriously it wasn't worth the hype or money. Because the last chapter was probably edited by her sister. We really lost a beautiful person inside and out when Jenni passed. This memoir was very touching and brutally honest. She was a true fighter and a woman to be looked up to. It would have been interesting to see the rest of the pages that were yet to be written had she not passed away.

    Mar 07, Kgonzalez5 added it. I enjoyed reading this book. Jul 06, Joseline rated it it was amazing. Couldn't put it down. While I was not a fan, I found her story amazing. Mar 10, America rated it it was amazing. This was an interesting book to read,I liked it. If you're a fan of Jenni Rivera and you want to get to know about her life read it. Apr 27, Kelin added it. This Autobiography by an Amazing woman and a Be loving bright start that still shines day to day.

    This book is incredible in many ways first mentioning a 1 fan of her. This Book "Unbreakable" by Jenni Rivera hands down one of my favorite books ever. This great book would be recommended to those hard-working women that has come from a long way. Jenni Rivera pours her heart into this book. Making This Autobiography by an Amazing woman and a Be loving bright start that still shines day to day.

    Making the audience and fans feels more inspiring from her and make us feel we have known her in person. Jenni Rivera had a tough life she went through a lot her childhood and her teenage years.

    Jenni Rivera was young mom in her teenage years. She had her first child and she had a rough pregnancy and raising her daughter. She had a really violence relationship with her pasts husbands. Jenni Rivera was a mom of five and even though she had a rough life at the beginning she never gives up on her dream and became a great Mexican American Singer and besides that She had a perfume line and a Tequila line where she sold a lot of her stuff and, she made a reality Tv show where her fans and anyone could see her day to day life with her family.

    Even though the audience or few people that may know how she was by listening to her music and stuff she enjoyed doing, going to her concert, and watching her on TV. In this book where she decided to tell her life in detail and her secrets and her hard moments and her happy moments, she mentions a lot of details that we did not know very much about her and for Jenni Rivera decides to talk about more in detail of her life meant a lot me.

    Jenni Rivera had a terrible plan crash that took her life away, but her music and her legend that she left us will always be heard.

    Apr 25, Mari Romancegirl rated it it was ok. I read this book from our local library. I'm very glad I did and that I did not download it. This woman does not give me the impression that she is a strong woman. She kept making the same mistakes over and over again.

    Why didn't her mother talk to her about birth control or teach her to have self respect of her own body? Jenni didn't even like her own name that she was given at birth! In my opinion, she was a troubled person. She became pregnant in high school with an unplanned pregnancy and wen I read this book from our local library.

    She became pregnant in high school with an unplanned pregnancy and went on to have 4 more children that she didn't plan. Again, why did this woman not download some birth control pills? Where was she when all of this was going on? I did not believe her explanation of these events. Why did she continue to choose men who treated her with disrespect and have children with them?

    When she was sexually assaulted in a car, why didn't she go to the police? This book left me feeling very frustrated with this woman, not admiration. She had bad parents, a father who cheated on her mother, 3 husbands who were not faithful, 5 children she didn't plan, a botched abortion, she appeared in a porn video, she slept around alot, and made many, many, bad choices that she didn't learn from.

    Rest in peace Jenni. Jan 12, Jose Martinez rated it it was amazing.

    Jenni Rivera’s legacy: 3 books tell her story, who does it better?

    Unbreakable By Jenni Rivera Review by: Jose Martinez Lights, sound check, dress on point. This is what Jenni Rivera hears right after her preforms and when she gives a motivation speech.

    I like this book because it goes into great detail about her life and how she grew up and how she got famous. The book I am reviewing is Unbreakable by Jenni Rivera. She also famous for having a tv show that people love to watch. The theme of this book was hard work. It was hard work because she had to find a job and pay for herself. She had to support herself with a help of her dad.

    When she growing up she had guys leave her when she pregnant and had to take care of the kids for herself. Then had to live in a garage. Some people might not like how deep she goes into her back story and her childhood. They might not like it how she has pictures in the books because not a lot of people like pictures.

    May 15, Jamyleth rated it really liked it. This book is about famous Jenni Rivera , how she had nothing and then had everything. Jenni grew up most of her life with boys and she got taught to defend herself by her brothers. Jenni would fight boys because they would touch her butt or say things about her she was "La Reina" as her father would always say. Jenni got sexually abused and got pregnant at She had later on ha more kids and more husbands.

    I think that this book is sad but it is Unbreakable: I think that this book is sad but it is also a good book that teaches you not to give up on what you love the most. I thought it was sad how her little sister and daughter got sexually abused by one of Jennis ex husband. Trino Even though Jenni had a rough start to the music industry she still made it to be a big person.

    Mar 27, Guadalupe Garcilazo rated it it was amazing. I am a huge fan of Jenni Rivera, a Mexican-American singer.

    Unbreakable: My Story, My Way - Wikipedia

    She passed away in and her music is inspired a lot from things that have happened in her life. I think this book is very "strong", so to speak, because it talks about her life and how she felt. How she overcame impediments in her life and she proved to her parents and her self that she would become a successful woman. There is Spanish here and there, but for the most part it is inspiring and she gets to tell her story her way, it w I am a huge fan of Jenni Rivera, a Mexican-American singer.

    There is Spanish here and there, but for the most part it is inspiring and she gets to tell her story her way, it was her life that she lived and there is no other person to tell it than herself. Really good book to read, even in high school I would of enjoyed this book!

    Sep 26, Regina rated it it was amazing. I loved her story. I was not a fan intitially before her death She struggled, admits her mistakes but was forever loyal to her family and her children Aug 03, Nancy rated it it was amazing. She was one of my idols!!! I laughed I cried I felt empowered by her words!!

    La Diva De la Banda is extremely missed!!!!! This book only proved how badass Jenni was. After reading this book I truly now know she one of my idols. Even still today, 5 years after her death, she teaches women how be chingonas and not be afraid by it. I will never forget you. I really enjoyed this book. Easy to read and brought so much insight about Jenni. RIP Jenni Rivera!!!! Nov 22, Ana Martinez rated it really liked it. Aug 15, Hugo Chavez rated it it was amazing.

    This book walks us through the life and hardships of former Mexican American singer,composer,entrepreneur, mother, and world wide entertainer. Jenni Rivera was born with the name Dolores Janney Rivera. She was born July 2nd She later died in her private jet when it crashed in Nuevo Leon Mexico, right after a concert. Jenni Rivera was one of her generation's most popular and in demand artists, in the U. Jenni was also one of the decade's most award winning artist.

    She was the This book walks us through the life and hardships of former Mexican American singer,composer,entrepreneur, mother, and world wide entertainer. She was the first female regional Mexican performer with so many nominations. In this book she retells parts of her past, which included incest, rape, and hardships while trying to make a name for herself in the hard industry of music.

    Jenni was the daughter of Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saveedra. They were both immigrants from Mexico. She explains the hardships they went through money wise.

    Even though things were tough at home she was a straight A student. But when she became pregnant at 15 when she was a Sophomore she got her GED and was valedictorian. She helped her parents at a stand they had in a flea market selling CD's. One night after she sang in a local bar, she had to drop off her little sister and her friend home. She noticed that a car was following her. The person driving the car kept flashing their lights making Jenni feel obligated to pull over and see what they wanted.

    When she did, they asked her if she was with "El Cinco" her then husband. When she said yes, he raped her repeatedly in the back of his car. He then hit her and left her in the sidewalk. That night she cried because she felt broken. She promised herself not to tell anyone because she felt ashamed and she kept it to herself for many years because in a sense she wanted to remain strong for her family. She also didn't want them to feel ashamed of her. She talks about her 3 broken marriages.

    She became a mom at fifteen while still in high school. She was in a abusive relationship with her first husband. She later asked for a divorce when she found out that her husband, Jose Trinidad Marin molested his and her daughters, Janney "Chiquis" and their two year old daughter Jacqui.

    Jenni found out that they were being molested because her little sister Rosie confessed that he was doing that to her too. In this marriage she had 3 chidren. Janney, Jacqui, and Michael. Jenni later re-married to a man named Juan Lopez. Even though the relationship was not perfect she stayed with him until she noticed that when her career started to build, he left his job and was depending on her money.

    He took a house from her, too. Because she put it in his name. After they divorced, he was convicted of selling drugs.